Just got my LC-A!

Yeah i finally got an Lomo LC-A after so long! I got the original made in the USSR version not the China made one.

Took it out one morning, left the house abit earlier to go to the Esplanade and shoot the roll off. Quite liberating when all you need is to set the focus distance and just shoot.The viewfinder is quite nice i can see the frame quite nicely even with my glasses on and the view finder displays the focus setting as well so you don’t have to take your eye off to check the focus distance.

Most of the shots with large expanses of sky resulted in a bit of underexposure other times it was fine, quite a few the colors were quite saturated. I still don’t really understand why it happens but it guess that’s part of the mystery and fun when using such a camera. Film spacing between frames are abit too close for my liking since i need to cut it quite accurately so it does not cut into the other frame.

Scanning the LOMO film was not too difficult, i used VueScan and locked in the base color of the film to do the scan and then just some simple levels and exposure tweaks.

Catch the photos on my tumblr page @ http://tmblr.co/Zg1BLqxUtZjC. The shots were all taken using LOMO 400 film and scanned on my Epson V600.

Wikipedia LOMO LC-A