Developing film again.

Finally manage to develop my 2 rolls of film which have been lying around for at least half a year or more (Most likely more :) ). They are HP5Plus and Trix, develop them both in DDX. Whenever i develop old films you always get a surprise at what you get since you can’t remember what’s on each roll of film. Anyway for those who are into developing film, TRIX in DDX is fantastic, i did 6 minutes @ 23 C.

haha seen here is her struggling against my sis. Its quite hard to take a picture together with her properly even now. Probably between 6 months to a year old.

Just pass one year old I think, playing around with handphones is one of the things she picked up quite early one. she will pick a handphone up and put it to her ear imitating us, now she can hear the phone ring and run over to pick up the pho ne and sometimes say “Hello”. Now she will imitate us especially in talking quite well, she will hear something new and repeat it quite accurately. Like my wife one day say “MY GOD !” and the next thing you know she was saying “MY GOD !” too. Gotta be careful nowadays about how we speak.



She has develop an interest in books, her favorite is a nursery rhymes book and her favorite rhyme in that book in “Humpty Dumpty”, when ever we get to the “have a a big fall”, she will imitate falling down and make a  “pom” sound like that of hitting the floor.