Our Gurkas by Zakaria Zainal

Invisible Photographer Asia has put up a photo essay by Zakaria Zainal about the retired members of the Gurka Contingent who are living in Nepal.

The Gurkas for me has always been a sort of mysterious group, in Singapore you see them mainly guarding vital installations, checkpoints and important people’s home. The other only time i see them is when they are jogging around the Mount Vernon area near where they are staying in Singapore.

I still remember when I was still in the Navy and one of my fellow officer was doing the Navy Biathalon. He commented that he heard them coming from behind him with a “he he he” breathing sound, then they passed and disappeared in front of him. Considering that he was quite fit i guess thats a testimony to how physically fit they are.

Enjoy Zakaria’s Photos, it’s still a work in progress but i think it will be interesting to watch for it considering that the Gurkhas have first hand involvement in almost all the major disturbances during our early years of independence.

Link to photo essay http://invisiblephotographer.asia/2011/09/28/photoessay-ourgurkhas-zakariazainal/

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