My Photobooks buys from Page One!

Page one @Vivocity is closing down, they have 50% off all books. There aren’t many photography books left but these are the one’s that i’ve got. I probably will do a review on them soon.

A nice big book by Mary Ellen Mark, looking forward to enjoying this.

This book caught my eye at the store, its about Kodak’s Colorama advertisement at Grand Central Station in New York. Since Kodak filed for bankruptcy, i guess I am just trying to have a piece of Kodak history with me.

There are a few books on Photobooth pictures around, (just go to amazon and type photo booth). You get Britney Spears, Val Kilmer and even Micheal Jackson in there, basically lots of celebrities who goofed around when they can’t be seen.

PS. The pictures are linked to the amazon page.