The Singapore Air Show 2012

F15-SG during the flying display

I was quite lucky to be able to attend the Singapore Air Show 2012, the placed i work was one of the sponsors but I didn’t ask for a pass so I was quite surprised to be given a free pass to the event.

I would suggest for those going to these kinds of shows go pay for a trade pass, its less crowded and during the air display there will be plenty of space to stand around to watch.

As with all air shows, photographers with major big lenses are sure to show up. I was lazy since I only brought my D7000 and a 18-105mm kit lens.

Saw some one trying to use a X100 I think to try and take pictures of the air planes. But he was trying to shoot through his sun shade.

Australian Roulettes - The best of the show

The best display came from the Royal Australia’s Air Force Roulettes, they did some major precision flying, they needed to make 11 fuel stops in order to reach Singapore due to the short range of their planes.

Our friendly Singapore Pilots at work.

Haha took this “promotion” shot of my friend leslie and the Boeing Dreamliner.