Taiwan Motorbikes

Found these old photos that was taken in 2005 during my trip to Taiwan while i was in the Navy, these were all taken I think with my Bessa R and all sorts of film, that time i was mostly using Kodak Portra and asking the lab to scan them.

I was there on an exercise (the military kind) but luckily managed to spend quite a few days on shore having fun, just walking around.

What struck me during that time was that there was all these bikes around, there was even a dedicated lane for bikers to travel in. The most common bike was the scooter, don’t really remember seeing any other sort of bikes.

The bikers are doing what probably be quite illegal in Singapore like ferrying dogs who are just sitting on the floor of the bike or ferrying children who are not wearing helmets.

And they all liked to wear these masks to protect them from the bad air quality i guess.



Walked pass this temple, seems like they were putting up a show for some festival and all these people would just parked their bikes there and just watched it from their bikes.

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