Steve McCurry shoots the last roll of Kodachrome

Steve McCurry shooting the last roll of Kodachrome. He is back to doing what he does best, shooting iconic portraits.

After seeing this video, it made me realised that film might be not be here forever, film production are closing down although there is a resurgence now but it’s inevitable i guess.

i went out and bought 2 rolls of Fuji Provia 100F intending to just use these 2 rolls to shoot portraits of my family and people i know. I don’t think i will be shooting slides for long though, they are simply quite expensive. Each roll of Provia costs me $13.50 SGD not counting the processing costs. Lets see how these slides turn out.

Vanity Fair has a slide show of the pictures that Steve McCurry took.


Pirelli Calendar 2013 by Steve McCurry

I am a big fan of Steve McCurry, his photos of Afghanistan and India are all so filled with action, meaning and color. But he is really know for is his intimate portraits of the people that he met while on his travels that i really like.

Therefore it is really interesting that he is shooting for the Pirelli Calendar 2013 which are known more for their beautiful (ahem also nude) models and exotic locations.

Check out the link for more.

How Film is made – Old Kodak Documentary

Old Kodak Documentary in German (I think) but with subtitles in English.

Amazing how much of the process is done in darkness and by feel and how much quality control goes into the process.

I can understand why companies would like to cut film production, its simply quite intensive and lots of specialized equipment needs to be used. But of course i do hope that they will be around for much much longer.