My First Roll with a Leica M2

I have always wanted a Leica, not that to show off or anything but I have always been intrigue by why photographers seemed to like the camera and lenses made by Leica. I have owned rangefinders like the Bessa R, Yashica GSN but everyone seem to say that you should try to own a Leica to see the difference. Recently I have begin to start clearing out my dry box, too many camera’s and lenses, with the money i managed to get for myself a nice Lecia M2 that is much older than me.

First Impressions

It’s a heavy camera, but not as heavy like a D7000 with a 28-70 F2.8 on it. It’s confortable to put a wrist strap on and just walk around the whole day. You can tell that there are lots of metal parts all around the camera. The thing that impress me the most was how all the components seems to move very smoothly, especially the film advance lever, the resounding “tud” when you have reached the end is nice. The shutter is┬ádefinitely┬ámuch quieter than the Bessa R, the shutter button is nice and light, unlike the Bessa where there is a certain tension to the button

The film loading is cumbersome you really need to site down and load the film, in case you drop the film spool. The rangfinder patch is nice and bright , but i would probably rate the Bessa R finder better since you can’t really see the 35mm frame lines on the M2 if you are wearing glasses, but on the Bessa R you can see more of the frame line.

Overall feel is that this is a workers tool, well made and designed to last.

Some shots from my first roll using HP5 and the Canon 50mm F1.8 LTM

For the rest of the photos please visit my Flickr page