Usually i take happy pictures of my Kid, this has got to be the only shot when i capture her crying :)

Shot using a Seagull TLR scanned with a Epson V600

Zeiss Iknota 521/16 – Blur!

Seems like there are focus problems with my Zeiss Ikonta! Almost all my pictures are blur when shoot @ 1/100. There are certain sharp portions but they seem to be focused quite far in front. I think the focus is a bit off. Found this link on the web for adjusting the focus. Seems easy enough, maybe will try it over the week.

Zeiss Iknota 521/16

Remember i wrote about getting a medium format folder, this is the one i got. A Zeiss Ikonta 521/16 with a F3.5 Tessar lens. Quite simple camera with just zone focusing, nothing extra about, quite a light camera compared with something like a Mamiya 645 or a TLR. The unfolding is absolutely cool, You just point the camera downwards and press the release. Both the lens and the finder just pop open.

This model was produced from 1948 to 1953, comes in many variations of the shutter and the lens. The Tessar version was the high end one. Carl Zeiss now exits as mainly a optics company producting besides camera lenses, but also many other optical products.

Since its a zone focusing camera, i did up a little hyper focusing chart to help me.

Behind that i put a little rangefinder card so that i can judge distances with it. At the bottom in reverse wordings are the shutter timing test that i did, so that i can roughly know how much to compensate, seems like mine is abt 1 stop off in the slower shutter speeds up to 1/50. I did the test using a microphone and some sound processing software.

Lets see what this can do when i put a few rolls through it.

Thinking of a medium format folder camera

 I was thinking of acquiring one of these medium format folders. I use to have a Mamiya 645, sold it off because of the weight, i have a Holga (sometimes quite impressed with the quality), i have a Seagull TLR which i use from time to time and totally blow away by the nice negative.

That’s what i like about Medium Format, you don’t get all these small negative/slides, you get nice big negatives and slides that you can see nicely without using a loupe.

Anyway I saw a Zeiss Ikonta 521/16 for sale about 200$, very tempted to get it since i am selling away quite abit of my gear to tone it down and have some cash on hand.

Tell you guys later how all that works out.

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